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Polymer Packaging Limited

Polymer Packaging is a 100% Nigerian owned manufacturing company with vast knowledge and experience in the industry. We are distinguished by the use of modern technologies and the unparalleled technical expertise.

We also employ advanced technology with state-of-the-art machines to provide superior quality print on a wide range of substrates.

What we do

We manufacture and supply flexible high quality packaging products such as High density polythene (HDPE), Bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), Shrink films and Low-density polythene (LDPE).
Our commitment to ensuring satisfactory and excellent product and service delivery at all times to our client enables us abide by best standards and practices in the industry.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to satisfy our customers with prompt personal services, high quality products, competitive price assurance and effective technical guidance.

Our vision

To attain a superior leading position as the best total cost solution company for packaging industries across Nigeria and Africa.

Some of our products

Chicken Republic

March 30, 2014


March 30, 2014


March 30, 2014


March 30, 2014

BettiPlus Tissue Roll

March 30, 2014


March 23, 2013


March 23, 2013


March 23, 2013